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"Introduction to Fingerstyle Guitar"

The material presented in this book is equivalent to about 40 hours of personal instruction. John Wynn's draws upon his experience teaching private lessons to offer a training book and video that are the next best thing to his personal instruction.

This book is arranged into 73 brief lessons supported by videos that are designed to maximize the student’s ability to absorb and master the content. In each lesson, John explains an important concept then directs the student on how to apply that concept through a play-along practice session.

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table of contents View Lesson 48 along with the page from the book.
Each lesson has two parts – instruction and practice. The first part tells you what you need to learn while the second part provides you material to practice.

The short video provides supplemental explanation with material you can play along with.

This combination of text and video reinforces your learning for fast, lasting results.
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It's not rocket science. Anyone can improvise if they know basic arpeggio technique. This book shows how improvisors use chords, modes, and arpeggios in their playing. It is a great reference book you'll want to have. But, more than that, it shows you how you can take your playing to the next level.
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Table of Contents
Free Stroke
Notes on First String
lesson 32 lesson 61 lesson 71
Playing First Three Strings
Chords of E Minor