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Fingerstyle Master Guitarist
Learn fingerstyle guitar
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Decades of Teaching Success
In 1993, John Wynn began his guitar teaching career in Duncanville, TX, where he hosted workshops and put on concerts for the local community.

Some things haven’t changed, as John has recently offered, through his Around the Square series, free concerts which benefit his Outreach through Music scholarship fund. Outreach through Music grows out of a desire to connect more and more people to music in John’s current community of McKinney, where he opened his new studio in 2000.

The Around the Square concerts not only expose the community of McKinney to nationally renowned musicians, but they also work towards a larger goal of the McKinney Guitar Studio which is to engage young players by surrounding them with many different opportunities to hear, play, and become personally involved with music, just as John was inspired in this way by his own family and community when he was growing up.

John has had some wonderful opportunities to play with and feature many talented musicians through the Around the Square series and other concerts he has organized in McKinney, Miguel Antonio, Lynn Adler, and Beth Wood, to name just a few.

With a mom who played piano, an uncle and many friends who played guitar, and through playing in church musicals, John was constantly surrounded by music and by people who loved music.

As John’s interest in music grew, so did the list of those musicians who he drew, and still draws, inspiration from, artists like Andres Segovia, Lenny Breau, Chet Atkins, Jim Croce, and Gordon Lightfoot. John now includes many of his own friends on this list, people like John Knowles, Billy Crockett, and Doug Smith.

John continues to create and publish guitar method books and other projects through his publishing company, Lone Prairie Music. These books and John’s CDs can be purchased through the McKinney Guitar Studio.

His approach to teaching guitar means
you can play at your highest level.
John Wynn Studio
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Minor Adjustment
John plays a composition by Grammy winning guitarist John Knowles, who has collaborated with the likes of Chet Atkins, Jerry Reed, and other Nashville greats.
A Song for a Friend
John plays an original composition on his custom-made James Olson guitar. John uses as a "double drop D" tuning that allows him to use cascading scales.
MUSIC of John Wynn
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Love Is Our Cross To Bear (John Gorka)

Daddy’s Oldsmobile (David Mallett)

This Old Guitar (John Denver)

If I Could Forget To Breathe (John Gorka)

Feels Like Home - CD
The Course
John Wynn cover
John's experience and insight means that every student has the opportunity to play at his or her highest level. His fingerstyle course is the result of decades of teaching students who have consistently achieved their playing goals.

John's course is designed to take a new beginner and turn him or her into an intermediate player by establishing sound understanding of music and guitar playing fundamentals. John's approach allows the student to learn at his or her own pace but encourages steady, measurable progress.

John knows what it takes for students to succeed and uses that knowledge to inspire, motivate, and energize his students. John gives each student the desire and the means to achieve their musical goals.

The value of any course is based on what it does for the student. Shelves full of books, DVDs, and hours of instruction do not equal success. Success comes from a course that addresses the psychology of learning as well as the necessary technical skills. John's course does that.
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