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If you appreciate the art and science of music, these products are a good match your your learning style. I’ve developed these materials for the visual learners who are eager to improve their playing. Your musical curiosity will be richly rewarded through the clear explanations and easy-to-understand charts these products offer.  If you don’t see improvement within 30 days, please let me know.

• Gain CONFIDENCE in your playing
• Get the BEST RESULTS from your practice
• Apprecciate your GROWING SKILL

The cost of improvement is practice.

Make sure your practice pays off.


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Stretch System

The Harmonizer

The Harmonizer is a smart tool for understanding how music is made. See scales, chords, and chord progressions in ways books can't show. Works for all instruments.  More Info

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Get "Circle of Fiths" for FREE

When you purchase the Harmonizer you will receive the ebook "Circle of Fifths" for FREE. That's a $9.95 value. (Download link appears on invoice at time of purchase).

Circle of Fifths

Circle of Fifths

This 28-page book decodes musics most famous diagram and shows how you can apply it to the real-world of creating and playing music. This book is great for beginners but presents new information helpful to intermediate and advanced players. Dimensions, 8.5"x11." More Info

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Stretch System

Down & Dirty Guide to Music Theory

This 57-page book gives you the low-down on what music theory is all about. This book is designed with the beginner in mind but has information even the pros don't know.
Dimensions, 8.5"x11." More Info

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Stretch System

The F.I.N. System

his 44-page book shows a new and easy-to-learn system that will enable you to play any chord on demand. It will give you the fretboard knowledge you need to master your guitar.
Dimensions, 8.5"x11." More Info

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Stretch System

4-Note Chords & Inverstions

This 40-page book shows you 12 ways to play the 13 most common chords in jazz. This book is designed to get you playing and sounding like a jazz guitarist as quick as possible. Dimensions, 8.5"x11." More Info

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Stretch System

Chords & Arpeggios for the Improvisor

This 56-page book shows you five chord shapes for 36 different chords. When you consider there are 12 keys, this gives you 2,160 possible chords that you will have at your finger tips. But, it doesn't stop there. The book shows you a step-by-step way to become the improvisor you want to be.
Dimensions, 8.5"x11." More Info

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Stretch System

The Stretch System: Scales & Arpeggios

This 78-page book presents a way of playing the guitar that takes advantage of the natural musical layout of the fretboard which is available to only those whose hands can span four or five frets. Dimensions 8.5"x11." More Info

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Intro to Fingerstyle

Music Theory eBundle: Six eBooks

Get six Lotus Music eBooks for one low price. The eBundle includes over 300 pages of text and diagrams to explain important music theory concepts. You save over 60% when you purchase this six-book collection. More Info

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eBundle w/ Harmonizer

eBundle with Harmonizer

If its a discount you are looking for, purchasing the Haromizer along with the eBundle gives you the lowest price available on Lotus Music products. This is the best way for the avid music learner to ensure a solid musical foundation. Knowing more means you play better. More Info

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• Chords & Arpeggios for Improvisor
• The F.I.N. System
• The Stretch System: Scales & Arpeggios
• 4-Note Chords & Inversions

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