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Music Theory Illustrated for iPhone & iPad

See how music is made.


The Music Theory Calculator

This handy tool shows important music theory concepts applied to every key. With this app, musicians with even a limited knowledge of music theory can "calculate" answers to their music theory questions. More advanced musicians can use it as a tool for composing and arranging music. It works for all instruments and all skill levels.

music theory illustrated

See How Chords, Notes, Modes & Scales Relate

This app shows the notes, scales, modes, chords and chord progressions in every possible key. It covers ten must-know topics that musicians deal with when creating or improvising music. Even the best musicians can find uncommon chords and keys a challenge. This app simplifies all of that and guarantees better accuracy. It works for all instruments and all skill levels. You don't need to be able to read music to understand it.

This app shows:

  • How SCALES & MODES relaate to chords.
  • How the CIRCLE OF FIFTHS works
  • CHORD PROGRESSIONS in major and minor keys.
  • The INTERVAL distance from any two notes
  • Get The Most From Your Music Lessons

    This app is designed to show you all the information presented by music teachers, schools, and online courses in a quick and simple format. Its conenience helps you to get the most from your music lessons, self-study programs, or college classes. You can get results faster when you add it to your learning program.

    This App Makes "CENTS"

    There are plenty of expensive books, DVDs, and online study courses that TELL you about music but nothing SHOWS the technical working of music in every key like this app. Dollar for dollar and note for note the Music Theory Illustrated App is the best tool for leveraging what you already know. It allows you to improve your playing, composing and improvising without spending a lot of money. It is also backed up by the Lotus Music website that offers plenty of free and helpful information.

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    iPhone or iPad to purchase.
    Enter "Music Theory Illustrated" in the search field.
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    A Companion for the App

    music theory guide
    This 57-page book is a great companion to the Music Theory Illustrated App. It explains in plain language how music is works. If you are new to music, you will benefit from its clear and consise explanations. If you are a more advanced player, you will appreciate the deeper musical insights it provides. More info.

    "The Music Theory Illustrated App provides answers to your music theory questions"
    No music-reading skills required.
    $ 2.99 in the Apple App Store
    Preview in App Store
    To purchase, use your iPhone or iPad to connect to the Apple App Store and enter "Music Theory Illustrated" in the seach field.


    Sample Screenshots

    These screenshots provide a preview of six of the most popular topics covered by the app.
    harmonized scale

    Harmonized Major Scale with Modes

    chord progressions

    Chord Progressions in Major Keys

    chord construction

    Chord Consruction

    Scale construction

    Scale Construction

    Circle of Fifths

    Circle of Fifths



    The Secret Everyone Knows

    You practice. You have desire. But, your playing is not where you'd like it to be. You feel like other people know something you don't. What do they know that you don't? It's simple. If you are not thinking of music the right way, you will find yourself stuck, not improving like you should. The fact is, you need to understand the musical patterns before you can bend, shape, and express them.


    What is Musical Freedom?

    The height of mastery for the musical artist happens when you can create melody and harmony as fast as you can think it. This is true musical freedom and anyone with desire can achieve it.

    I created a tool to help you experience that kind of freedom in your playing. It's the Music Theory Illustrated App. It shows music in a way that will allow you to be the creative musician you want to be. It shows scales, chords, intervals, modes, and chord progressions on your iPhone and IPad.


    Know the Pattern

    In the beginning, I had no great talent for music. I took lessons and read books. Nothing seemed to work. I even quit a few times. It wasn't until I drew up some diagrams to help me understand the rules for playing jazz that music began to make sense to me. These diagrams I made enabled me to see how chords, scales, and notes all related. It made the complex very simple and easy to understand. Quickly my playing improved and finally I could improvise and jam with others. The same diagrams I drew up years ago have been included in this app.


    The Teaching Calculator

    The Music Theory Illustraded App is perfect for the musician who wants to improve their playing ability. It shows many of the basics, like which chords make up which keys. But that's only the beginning. Like a calculator that can do both simple addition or trig functions. This app offers a wide range of musical information that beginners and advanced musicians can appreciate. The app is the most comprehensive reference tool you'll ever own. It is like a Swiss Army knife for music.


    Don't Read Music? No Matter.

    f you don't read music, don't worry. You don't need to read music to understand it and play it. This app works for all skill levels, all instruments. It is especially good for piano and guitar.


    Speak Music?

    No matter how well you play, you need to be able to communicate musical ideas to other musicians. If you don't know the language, you won't know what other musicians are saying to you...and that's not good if you want to play in a band. The Music Theory Illustrated App explains the most important terms and concepts musicians use today.


    Got Lessons?

    The Music Theory Illustrated App shows you all the information presented by music teachers, schools, and online courses in a quick and simple format. Its versatility helps you to get the most from your music lessons, self-study programs, or college classes. You will get results faster when you add it to your learning program.

    There are plenty of expensive books, DVDs, and online study courses that tell you about music but this app is a TOOL that really SHOWS HOW music works. Dollar for dollar and note for note this app is your best bet. Every note, chord, and scale follows a natural pattern. When you learn that pattern, you can improve your playing without spending a lot of money.


    Beyond the Basics

    The Music Theory Illustrated App is designed to give you the information you need to be a better imporvisor and composer but it is also valuable for musicians interested in improving their understanding of music theory. This thing called "music theory" is simply the study of the relationships between notes. That's it. Some people try to make it into more than that, but that's all it is. Professional musicians know this (even if they don't admit it) and use it to their creative advantage.

    Music theory is not a set of rules. It is the living, breathing anatomy of music. Whether you're into jazz, pop, country, metal, or the classics, knowing music theory will give your playing a creative edge.


    Letter to the Owner


    Hey Tom,
    First, let me say I love the app! It's easy to navigate, visually pleasing, and definitely has the cool factor going for it!
    My responses are in red.
    Here are my points to make about your new app:
    I think the more a person knows about music and music theory, the more they will love and use this app.
    Yes, the app can accellerate a person's understanding of music and when you know more, you play better. When you play better, you love it more.
    I play by ear and have never learned to read or write music. So, I don't understand most of what is on the app or how to use it for my purposes at my skill/knowledge level.
    Playing by ear is often a trail-and-error process. However, if you know a few scales and chord progressions, you will be better able to pick out any tune you hear (or think of).
    What I do understand, and will use, and would gladly pay the app fee to have, is the Key Transposition function. That alone (especially with the VERY cool slide rule) is well worth the cost.
    The question that keeps coming to mind, as I read your book and the info on the app is, "Why do I need to know this?" I really don't have an answer for that question. That doesn't mean there is not a good answer, I just don't know what it is right now. I'm able to do all that I do, and that keeps expanding without this knowledge and technical understanding.
    Yes, you can become a very accomplished musician without knowing much about music. Michael Jackson could not read music. However, if you’re not so gifted, knowing a little music theory will be like a booster rocket for your playing. Similarly, you can be a pretty good poet if you are illiterate but knowing how to read and write English is certainly a big help. Music is the same way. Music is a language and knowing its grammar and vocabulary is essential if you are wanting to play and/or communicate effectively with other musicians.
    What I'm most curious about right now, in my own performance and learning, is how to more smoothly integrate chording into my solo rifts and accompaniment. I've even thought about taking some lessons with this particular focus in mind.
    When it comes to improvising, following the harmony of the song is important. This is where you might see the biggest benefit music theory offers. It offers a system for choosing what notes, scales and chords to play. Most improvised solos are based on arpeggio patterns suggested by the chord that is being played. Knowing that can keep you from wondering out of the tonality of the song. This app will aslo re-invforce anything you learn from a teacher and let you apply your learning to every key.
    I look forward to sharing it with my jamming friends, brothers, and any other musicians that come along.


    Tom Michero

    Playing music as easily as speaking has always been a goal of mine. I have no special musical talent but have made up for that by leaning some music theory. The diagrams in the Music Theory Illustrated App are the same ones that I made when I first started playing. -Tom Michero

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