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Study Courses
Berklee College of Music
This institution is committed to affordable, quality music education for students interested in professional careers in music.
Perfect Pitch Ear Training Course
This self-study program is on of the best for improving your ear.
Absolutely Understand Guitar
I think this is one of the best self-study music programs around.
This is the Way I Do It.
This is John Mclaughlin's 3 DVD self-study jazz guitar course.
Ricci Adams' Music Theory
This is a great interactive website that shows how music is made.
Music Theory Minute
Dr. Jack explains music theory in a series of short video vignettes.
Play Piano in a Flash
Scott has a very complete and simple approach to teaching piano.
Dream2Play logo
Karina Swami-Chavez teaches piano, voice, and guitar in the San Francisco area.
Piano Lesson Online

Online Piano Lessons
Tammy Widjaja has put together a site that is as personable as it is informative. It's loaded with stuff every pianist needs to know. Check out the "Learn the Piano" section of her site.
Guitar Player World
guitar player

Learn Guitar Online - A free resource with comprehensive lessons that can help both beginners and advanced guitar players to improve their playing skills.
Bass Guitar Player World

Online Bass Lessons - Free bass guitar lessons for different skill levels.
Online Retailers (gear & instruments)
Rat Strat

Based outside of Jackson Mississippi, Rat Strat offers a choice selection of guitars especially suited to channeling those moaning blues spirits of the South.
Music Hero

This is more than a retail site. It offers learning and social networking.
Lark in the Morning
A great site for ethnic musical instruments from around the world.

For all things steel drums, sheet music, pans, books, etc.
They offer a wide array of parts for building and repairing stringed instruments.
Parts Express
Check out Parts Express Deal of the Week

This company has a wide inventory of electronics at the best prices along with free shipping. You won't believe their prices on their pro audio!
Musician's Hut
Free Shipping on all orders over $99!

Musician's Hut was created by a group of music veterans with a vision for a new kind of musician-friendly source for musical instruments and equipment.
Musician's Friend
Save Up to $110 at MusiciansFriend.com

The largest on-line music retailer offers a wide selection of gear and instruments at reasonable prices.

Musician's Friend has an enemy. The on-line retailer competes head to head with the champ.
Woodwind & Brasswind
Shop at Woodwind and Brasswind
There is no better retailer on-line for band instruments. You'll be amazed.
Drum Facotry
Hand Percussion
This site specializes in hand drums and world percussion. Great selection!
Wholesale only.
Djembe Drum
Music Theory for the Guitar
This is a great book on music theory by Don Latarski. One of the best.
Sheet Music
Music Notesbutton

Great, straight-forward site for downloading sheet music of all sorts.
Sheet Music Plus
Click here for the 387,000 sheet music titles

A great source for anything having to do with sheet music.
Intern. Assoc. for Jazz Education
As you would expect, they are dedicated to teaching jazz.
Jazz on the Tube
This is a great search engine site dedicated to finding and organizing videos related to jazz.
Modern Blues Harmonica
Adam Gussow offers a plethora of resources for the serious harp player.
Guitar Chord Theory
This site focuses on music theory as it relates to the guitar.
Road Ready Cases / Resources
page link for educators
This site has great products for hauling gear but just as impressive is this page showing resources for music educators.