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The Swiss Army Knife of Music
does it all

The most comprehesive musical tool

for improving your playing.
• It gives you mastery of chord names and usage.
• Shows how to use scales and modes for
improvising and soloing.
• Shows you chord substitutions to
give your playing more originality.
• Shows
rock, country, and jazz chord progressions.
• Lets you
transpose from key to key easily.
• Shows you how to
modulate from one key to another smoothly.
• Shows you modes and chords of the
diatonic (major) scale.
• Shows you modes and chords of the
melodic minor (jazz) scale.
• Shows you modes and chords of the
harmonic minor scale.
• Shows you
intervals, chord extentions, and more.
• Helps
improve your ear by showing you likely tonal possibilities.
• Gives you a vocabulary you can use to
communicate to other musicians.
Fuels your creativity by giving you more musical ideas to work with.
Makes playing fun by making it easier to play along with others.
Gives you confidence from a better understanding of music.

Available in two different styles
The Harmonizer comes in two different styles, Techno and Classic. Each displays exactly the same information. Only the skins are different.
See how the HARMONIZER can help you
play at the level you want.
Music with a twist

Turn the dial and watch musical information about every key appear. You will see relationships between notes, chords, modes and more. It's practical information you can use.

For the price of one lesson with a teacher you can have all the music knowledge you need right in your hands.
Satisfaction guaranteed with my
money-back guarantee.
Major and minor scales with mode.

This section shows you all the chords that make up each key along with their extentions. It also shows the chords that are derived from the chosen key's modes and the interval distance between the notes that make up those chords.

Knowinging what scales or modes to play with what chords will spice up your improvisations and help you compose.

Chord Progressions

This section shows you the basic chord progessions that most songs are based on. Simply follow the arrows and creat the harmonic structure for a song instantly.

Chord Substitutions

You can create harmonic varity to any song by the use of chord substitution. Your playing will sound more musical when you add harmonic variation.

This section show you what chords can be substituted for each other.

It also shows you the function of those chords in each key which is important to effective harmony.

Melodic Minor Scale
(the jazz scale)

This scale is often used in jazz becuase of its bluesy sound. It is also the basis for some pretty cool sounding chords.

When you know this scale backwards and forwards you'll sound like the real deal.

Chord Modulation

Changing keys smoothly is an art to itself. This section shows you what chords can pivot you into what keys.


Save yourself time rewriting charts for horns and guitar.

Circle of 5ths

You seen it, right? Now understand it. The Harmonizer comes with a 40-page booklet that describes the importance of this diagram that hangs in every music classroom.