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Compare the Harmonizer and Choose
When you compare the Harmonizer to other reference tools you will discover how comprehensive it is. I crammed as much musical information in it as I could. It's like a semester's worth of musical instruction for the price of one music lesson.

The chart below compares the features, in my opinion, of four of the best musical reference tools on the market. Check it out and decide which one is best for you.
A. The Harmonizer by Lotus Music
B. The Guitar Wheel by Music Master Publishing
C. Basic Improvisation Dial by Ron Green Publications
D. The Chord Wheel by Hal Leonard Publishing
Diatonic Scale
Names of modes
Major Chord Triads
Minor Chords Triads
Diminished Chord Triads
Dominate 7th Chords
Half Diminished Chords
Chord Extensions
Chord Formulas
Chord Function Names
Relative Minor Scale
Parallel Minor Scale
Blues Scale
Melodic Minor Scale
Harmonic Minor Scale
Chord Progressions
Chord Substitutions
Base and Treble Staff
Circle of Fifths
Guitar Fingerings
Piano Keyboard
Chord Modulation
Key Transposition
Eharmonic Accuracy
Instruction Booklet
Demo DVD
Price $29.95 $19.95 $8.95 $12.95