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MUSIC THEORY for real people

Whether you play guitar, piano, sax, or violin, knowing how music works will make you a better player. This website offers books and tools that are geared toward visual learners who want to see substantial improvement in their playing.

A New Visual Approach

Knowing how music works can mean big improvement in your playing. The Harmonizer is an innovative tool that shows music in a way that books can't. Its tublular shape reveals important music concepts in a graphic, easy-to-understand way. It's thorough, but not academic. It shows just what you need to know.

Don't read music? No problem!
You don't need to read music to understand it.

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Get the 30-page "Circle of Fifths" ebook FREE when you purchase the Harmonizer.

• Works for all instruments • Piano • Guitar • Violin • Woodwinds • Brass •

GUITAR for Real People

These self-study method books help your practice time pay off. Available as eBooks, too. chords and arpeggiosdirty guide to music theoryFIN Systemchord inversionscircle of fifths

Overview of Web Site

3 Minute Video

Sit back and listen while I explain how this website can help you understand music what music is all about.

My Mission

I'm like you. I think that if I understand how music works, I'll be a better player. I have spent years trying to understand it and want to share with you what I have learned. However, the thing that makes you a better player is practice. The things that I offer here are designed to make that practice pay off. They aid your practice. They are not a substition for it.

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The Stretch System for Guitar

For Big Hands and Minds!

The hands of an adult are suited to playing the guitar in a way that takes advantage of some important natural musical patterns. Adults have bigger hands and are able to think more conceptually than younger people. This system capitalizes on that.

Why Was I Never Told About This?

This 78-page book shows you an approach most guitar teachers don't teach. They can't teach it because most of their students are children whose hands can bearly stretch three frets. If your hand is big enough, the Stretch System can make the fretboard easier to master.

See How the Stretch System Works!
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Use your big hands and minds to your advantage.

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Site Overview

Music Theory

Vitruvian Guitarist




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This changes the way you look at music.

It Makes Music Understandable.

Music is based on a few basic principles and knowing them can make all the difference in how quickly you improve your playing. This tool presents the most important music principles you need to know in a visual way that makes sense.

It Takes the "Theory" Out of Making Music

The study of the mechanics of music is called "music theory." It is often made out to be like rocket science, however the part that musicians need to know is suprisingly simple. Though it is like math, if you can add and subtract, then you can use it to your great advantage regardless of the instrument you play.

See What I Mean!
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