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MUSIC THEORY for real people

Learning to play guitar is one thing. Knowing how music works is another. To be a musician, you need to learn both. This website offers books that are geared toward visual learners who want to see substantial improvement in their playing.

Lotus Music speaks your language.

Knowing how music works can mean big improvement in your playing. Lotus Music books show music in a visual way. Our graphic approach to instruction reveals important music concepts in an easy-to-understand way. Our books and new app are thorough, but not academic. They shows just what you need to know.

Don't read music? No problem!
You don't need to read music to understand it.

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• Learn how notes, chords and scales come together to create music •

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GUITAR for Real People

These self-study method books help your practice time pay off. Available as eBooks, too. Click on picture below for more info. chords and arpeggiosdirty guide to music theoryFIN Systemchord inversionscircle of fifths

Music Theory for the iPhone & iPad

See How Music is Made

This app shows in a graphic way how music works. Ten interactive diagarms show important musical concepts that you need to know if you want to play with other musicians.

It's Like a Music Calculator

This app is great for getting answers to your music theory questions, like what if you wanted to know some chord progressions in the key of F#. It shows you. Or, what if youI wanted to find a chord substitution for E7. Simply touch the screen keypad and see a diagram that shows you all your options. This tool is essential for any music student and a time-saver for any musician who composes or aranges music.

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music theory app
music theory app

Build on the Basics

This Book is for Every Musician

This book shows how music works. It's short, to the point and gives you the basic understanding of the language of music you need to know if you want to play with other musicians.

Music Theory is Real

No one except Miles Davis said "music theory" limited their creativity. When you are the musician that he was, you can say that. Until then, your playing will naturally improve when you know how to put notes and chords together. This book gives you the foundation you need play and communicate your musical ideas.

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