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Thank you for visiting Lotus Music. I appreciate your interest in wanting to learn more about how to make music. There once was a time before video games, TV, and even radio where friends would entertain themselves in the evening playing music together in their homes. That sounds like heaven to me. Though times have changed, we can still have a good jam from time to time. All it takes is a little skill and some like-minded friends. Let's stay in touch!

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Chord Progreeion Map

Chord Progression Map

If you are looking to create more harmonic movement in your composing and songwriting, you will enjoy having a map to get you there. Simply follow the arrows on the Chord Progression Map to find the sound you are looking for.

The Chord Progression Map offers many harmonic paths for you to choose. Many of the chord progressions you hear in jazz and pop you'll discover on this map. But it does not stop there. There is plenty of opportunity for you to create your own expressive sounds. There are 15 maps covering all the major and minor keys. Looking for a progression in D sharp minor? No problem!

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Stretch System

Chords by Key for Guitar & Piano

This time-saving guide shows the most common guitar and piano chords for every key you can play in. When chords are arranged this way, you can have all the chords for a single song on one page. No thumbing through a book for the chord you need.

Since it is shows guitar and piano chords together, you can use this guide to quickly translate chords from one instrument to the other.

This guide provides quick access to the most frequently used chords in music. Use the pages of the guide as "cheat sheets" when you play. Or, use them to memorize basic chord shapes.

See a sample page here

Stretch System

Chords by Key for Ukulele

This is the same idea as the guide for guitar and piano except if is exclusively for ukulele. In this guide you'll see the most common chords grouped by key. This allows you to see on one page the most common chords that you'll find in 12 different keys. This guide makes playing music with friends easier and more fun since you'll be playing more and fumbling through chord dictionaries less.

See a sample page here.