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Music Theory Help

Here you will find real-life music theory information that will help you become a better player. Use the side bar at left to find the topic in which you are interested. If you have a question that is not answered here or you want to know more about an existing topic, please use the form below to contact me with your question. I will respond promptly.

Table of Contents

Backcycling - Add harmonic movement.

Chord Basics - Where do chords come from?

Chord Extensions - Add notes for bigger and grander tonality.

Chord Names - Chord construction made easy.

Chord Progressions - Put chords to work for you.

Chord Substitutions - Add variety to your improvisation.

Circle of Fifths - Why do I need to know this?

Enharmonics - A note by any other name...

Harmonic Minor Scale - Getting an exotic sound.

Improvising - How modes, arpeggios, and chords relate.

Intervals - The distance between notes.

Melodic Minor - The Jazz scale.

Modes - Where do modes come from?

Modulation - Going from one key to another.

Parallel Minor Scale - Comparing the Major and Minor scales.

Scales - The Major & Natural Minor scales explored

Scales, exotic - Use colorful scales to add variety to your playing.

Scales, harmonized - Harmonize exotic scales.

Scale Degree - The Music yardstick.

Secondary Dominant Chords - Add movement to a chord progression.

Transposing - Writing music for band instruments.

Give your musical mind a place to run.

Check out these Music Theory interactive learning tools.

Music is a mind-body experience. Any practice must involve both the brain and the muscles to aquire sufficiant skill. The InterActive page of this web site provides a music theory playground for your mind. It allows you to drill yourself on important musical concepts as they apply to the different keys. The concepts covered include the major scale and its modes, chord construction, chord progressions, and interval ear training. Click here for the InterActive page.

Choose an interactive diagram.
Click on any of the activities below to link to an interactive music theory topic.
harmonized major scale
Harmonized Major Scale
See the modes and chords of the Major scale.
major chord progressions
Major Chord Progressions
Explore the how chords work together to make music.
chord progression map
Major Chord Map
Explore chord progressions in major keys.
circle of fifths
Cirlce of Fifths
See easy-to-play chords in every key.
circle of fifths
Cirlce of Fifths for Jazz
See jazz guitar chords around the Circle in every key.
interval training
Interval Ear Training
Hear and see the tonal distance between notes.
chord tree
Chord Tree
See the notes and intervals that make up chords.
minor chord progression map
Minor Chord Map
Explore chord progressions in minor keys.