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MUSIC THEORY for the Guitarist

Learning to play guitar is one thing. Knowing how music works is another. To be a musician, you need to learn both. This website offers apps and downloadable books that are geared toward visual learners who are more than a beginner guitarist but not yet the player they want to be.

Lotus Music speaks your language.

Knowing how music works can make a big improvement in your playing, composing and jamming. Lotus Music products present music in a visual way. This graphic approach to instruction reveals important music concepts in an easy-to-understand way. These books and apps are thorough, but not academic. They show just what you need to know in order to communicate and play effectively with other musicians.

Don't read music? No problem!
You don't need to read music to understand it.

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–– See how notes, chords and scales work together to create music ––

Improvise Like the Pros

See What Makes Solos Sound Good  

This book shows a simple way of looking at arpeggios that will give your solos a smooth, polished sound while adding harmonic movement to your playing.   

A Completely Visual Approach to Playing  

This book breaks down arpeggios into their most basic structure, revealing that there are only two shapes from which all arpeggios are derived. When you understand this, you do not need to rely on your memory to play them. The goal of this book is to help you play what you hear in your head.   

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See How Music is Made

These self-study books are full of illustrations to better help you gain the knowledge you need. These downloadable books provide you with many ah-ha moments as you come to understand how notes, chords and scales relate to each other to produce music.

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Arpeggios Illustrated dirty guide to music theory circle of fifths chords and arpeggios FIN System stretch system chord inversions


Train what's between your ears...and then some.

Lotus Music offers two great apps designed to give you a musical mind. The Music Theory Illustrated App works like a musical calculator allowing you to "think" like a musician. The Ear Trainer for Guitarists App is designed to train your ear to "hear" like a musician.

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Music Theory Illustrated

The Music Theory Illustrated App helps you "calculate" intervals, scales, chord progressions and more. This app allows you to see and apply music theory concepts in every key in real time. It's a great tool for composers and songwriters.

Ear Trainer

The Ear Trainer for Guitars App improves both your note recognition skills but also your familiarity with the fretboard. It helps you develop important relative pitch ability using a game format that allows you to track your progress.

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This Book is for Every Musician

This book shows how music works. It's short, to the point, and gives you the basic understanding of the language of music you need to know if you want to play with other musicians.

Music Theory is Real

No one except maybe Miles Davis said "music theory" limited their creativity. When you are the musician that he was, you can say that. Until then, your playing will naturally improve when you know how to put notes and chords together. This book gives you the foundation you need play and communicate your musical ideas.

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